Cover for the Program of BYU-Idaho Christmas Concert

I have had a great time working on this project. The image that I am showing here is for the cover of the concert program but I am also creating images for projection in a massive way as background for the concert at the BYU-Idaho center.


The concert explores traditional christmas music with other music from Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. The paper cut addresses the traditional and the warm painting of colors in the background address these warmer cultures.

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Skoughtee Texture No.004

Skoughtee Texture No.004

Skoughtee Texture No.004

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Skoughtee Texture No.003

Skoughtee Texture No.003

Skoughtee Texture No.003

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Diamond Point Triad

This is my submission for the Brigham Young University-Idaho Art Faculty Show (summer of 2013). 3 Inkjet prints, each print is 24 x 34 inches




Diamond Point 1


Diamond Point 2


Diamond Point 3

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Skoughtee Texture No.002

Skoughtee Texture No.002

Skoughtee Texture No.002

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Digital Painting No.090313

Skoughtee Texture No.001


Skoughtee Texture No.001 (repeating)

Painting created using Skoughtee Texture No.001. Download


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Skoughtee Texture No.001 on Gumroad

Download | Skoughtee Texture No.001 on Gumroad

Skoughtee Texture No.001 from Scott Franson on Vimeo.

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