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UnBook | Pinkerbell

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A new unBook by Scott E Franson that will never be at a store near you. For

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Digital painting | experimental digital paintings

A-Line | a limited edition series of digital drawings

A Doodle-a-day | 100 daily doodles

UnBooks | Illustration experiments using the word from

Life in Lyman | Stamps about my wonderfully ordinary life in Lyman, Idaho

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Time goes fast when your having fun

I have been working on this for the last several hours looking forward to posting to for the word “double”. Apparently last week went faster than expected and so here is a new but late unbook. Click the image to enlarge.


Siamese Socks: A Double Knit Twins Mystery. The knitting in this image is completely artificial. It is created with digital knits and purls in Photoshop. No sheep suffered humiliation or overexposure in the production of this image. In fact no trees have been used in the production of this artificial cover for an artificial story. So enjoy and double your artificially flavored fun.


UnBooks are fake book covers based on the word from They will never be at a store near you.

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Illustraton Friday | dip

When I first looked at the word for the week the very first thing that I noticed was that it could be flipped over and still be read correctly. I wish that I had a great story to go with this UnBook cover, but I don’t. It is just two girls dipping their foot in the water. If you have a good idea for the story feel free to leave a comment.

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The Marvelous Mr. Mud

The Marvelous Mr. Mud is the story of dirt, water and children. I love a good mud-day and so does Mr, Mud. He plays along with the kids in this UnBook by Scott E Franson that will never be published and will never be available at a bookstore near you.

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Illustration Friday: foggy

Why does Froggy like it foggy in his little bog?
An UnBook by Scott E. Franson.
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