A-Line: 25 Prints

A-Line is a series of 25 prints based on my doodles. They are on exhibit on the Brigham Young University–Idaho campus in the Spori Gallery.

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8 Responses to A-Line: 25 Prints

  1. GhostMane says:

    I love love love these. Your style is so magical!

  2. fat celiac says:

    What kind of feedback did you get from the exhibition?

    I would love you to send me an installation picture just so I could see the grouping all together framed and with a person in there for scale.


  3. Dave P. says:

    So are these “analog” works that you scanned or photographed and then made prints of, or did you create them digitally?

  4. scott e says:

    These are created digitally.

  5. Dave P. says:

    Wow. Would you be willing to divulge how you achieved the woodcut/textured background effect?

  6. mitchowl says:

    I saw your exhibit. Very impressive, all hanging together.

  7. woody says:

    These are so stinkin’ awesome!! Can we buy them, or trade for them? Very nice set of prints.

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