The creative home of Scott E. Franson | An educator by day and author, illustrator, graphic designer and amateur ukulele builder by night, weekends and other spaces between semesters. Here you will find experiments in digital illustration, web design, and other creative endeavors.

Me at 4 & 40. My shirt is on backwards in the 4 photograph because just before the photo I took a drink from the drinking fountain and got my shirt wet. So my quick thinking mother turned my shirt around.


Family | I live in Rexburg, Idaho, with my beautiful wife and children.

Farm | Over the past two years, we have had a dog, cats, goats, chickens, and rabbits. In the summer of 2009 we shared a trout farm with a neighbor. In the summer of 2010 eight chicks hatched and followed their mothers around the yard eating all of the spiders. It is nice to live outside of town where we can enjoy our little farm.

Favorite things | Teaching, Apple computers, iPod, iPad, books, ant farms, monarch caterpillars, hammocks, receiving packages and Legos.

Transplant | On May 26, 2008, I received a liver transplant. I am alive today because of a caring person willing to be a donor. Please consider being an organ donor.

Hobbies | Amateur Ukulele builder, Monarch caterpillars, Apple computers, Reading Young Adult novels, Digital illustration


Books | Un-Brella, Roaring Brook Press, April 2007.

Brigham Young University–Idaho | Rexburg, Idaho
Professor, Department of Art (1994-present)

The Kuester Group | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Graphic Designer (1992-1994)

Other Employment | Chewbacca costumed character, Doughnut shop attendant, Pineapple picker and planter, Car washing, Library page, Computer lab assistant, Graphic Designer.


Washington Terrace Elementary | K-5 | Ogden, Utah

North Park Elementary | 6, the first half | Roy, Utah

Ammon Elementary | 6, the second half | Ammon, Idaho

Bonneville Jr. High School | Idaho Falls, Idaho

Bonneville High School | Idaho Falls, Idaho | (1984)

Ricks College | AA degree | Rexburg, Idaho | (1989)

Art Center College of Design | BFA | Pasadena, California | (1992)

Utah State University | MFA | Logan, Utah | (1998)

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  1. Julie Parker says:

    I came across your website last night as I was searching for a 32-page template. Thank you for sharing them; thanks for your wonderful doodles and line drawings. Congratulations for your new lease on life. You seem to be using it well.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Hi , I found your website via Castles in the sky and wanted to say thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge on the field of childrens books and art etc. Im putting togther a newsletter for Pacific Writers and this months focus is on childrens books etc. I will be adding a link to your site as i think its an excellent resource for illustrators and story writers everywhere.
    Thank you

  3. Liz Arrambide says:

    I love Un Brella! I am a children’s librarian at Williamson County Library in Franklin, Tn. I was getting ready to do a pre-school story hour featuring the letter “u” and most of our titles were out. I went to the library where I live and found Un Brella. I am entranced with it and the possibilities it has for an ap. Un Brellas’s size is hard to use for a group of 40-50 children and parents. However, we use an iPad connected to a TV. Un Brella would be a great e book. It also would make a great ap. One of my favorite kids apps is “Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this Ap” by Mo Willems. He has used his genius to create an ap that the kids can really interact with. Un Brella has the possibilities to be an interactive ap such as Mo Willem’s ap is.

    I have worked both in school and public libraries. How much fun it would be for kids to play with an ap where they are empowered to change the climate using the Un Brella themselves after watching the e book. The kids could learn biomes, geography, climates etc. through such an ap and have a lot of fun. I was so excited to see that you are an educator and a tech innovator. You have the skills to do such an ap or collaborate with others
    to produce one.

    Thanks for the wonderful book! Your site is very inspiring! I have a children’s book that I want to have published. I will look over your great ideas and work harder to bring it to a reality. Thanks so much! Happy innovating! Liz

  4. Luisandres Otero says:

    Your story is inspiring. My 2nd grade daughter loves hummingbirds and the doodle you made made her say “his art is out of this world.”

    Thank you,

    Keep working :)

  5. Muffin G. says:

    Hey Brother Franson!
    I just read your post about Michelle Fifis and her class. So funny, because I just finished her Master Textile Design class. She is so insightful. I too am trying to get into the market and think that maybe trade shows would be good for me, except they are so expensive! uhg! I know which market I’m aiming for, it’s the young girl and women’s fabric, but not sure which manufacturers to approach yet. I’m sure that will come with time. For now, my goal is Surtex 2013 NYC! Here I come baby!!! Good luck with your quest. I have no doubt you will get there! hooray for great pattern design. In fact, I was looking for a great tie for Chris for father’s day and thought of you and your tie you designed. I almost bought it….. Whaa haa haa….maniacal laugh! We miss you! I might stop by Rexburg in Aug. If I do, I’ll make sure and pay you a visit. See you soon!

  6. Hi Brother Fransen. I don’t know if you remember me, but I graduated from the BYU-I art program in ’08. I’m so very glad to see that you got that much needed transplant, and I’m very glad to see you still up and at it and creating art.

    I’ve been illustrating professionally for nearly 3 years now, and I’ll always treasure my time spent in Rexburg. Thanks for everything!

  7. Ginny says:

    I am intersted in your picture book templates but am afraid to download anything since I have gotten a virus a couple of times from doanloads. Suggestions? I have several stories about Max Moose and Stinker Skunk.

  8. Ginny says:

    Edit of recent comment..I am INTERESTED!!

    • scott e says:

      I haven’t had any complaints from other people who have downloaded the pdf files. You could stack 8 sheets of letter size paper and fold them in half. It makes a booklet. It would be a 32 page dummy book that you can draw in.

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