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The Krakens

My Doodle-a-day project is featured today on The Krakens. It is a web gallery featuring work by LDS artists. Take a peek I am sure you will enjoy it.…/scott-franson-doodle-a-day/

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Maybe there is a story here

Tree Elf | I discovered this little tree elf today when creating the post-it-doodle-a-day. He just emerged in a shy friendly way. There may be a story here. He has been playing in my head most of the day.

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Origami and Charcoal #002

Folding paper with dirty hands is so much fun. I am sure this is going to be a thing with me. There are several ways that I am considering exploring this process. Notice that the background has smudges. I did … Continue reading

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Doodle Process

Here is a glimpse into the process of creating Post-it-doodle-a-day from 5 February thru 8 May 2016. These doodles were created digitally with an app called ProCreate on an iPad with the Apple Pencil. The process videos are built into … Continue reading

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Pleated Round Box

Pleated box from BYU-Idaho Art Dept on Vimeo. I have Complete Pleats written by Paul Jackson. On page 159 there is a beautiful round pleated box designed by Philip Campbel-Bell. I have tried to make it before and thought I … Continue reading

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Dirty Hands  

Dirty Hands from BYU-Idaho Art Dept on Vimeo. I read once on an origami page to always wash your hands. Then this morning as I was considering what to fold it occurred to me that dirty hands might just make … Continue reading

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Baby Beaver

I am just learning how to connect images from my Instagram account into my blog. Now that I know how to embed images from Instagram how should I use it? I think it would be a good idea to select … Continue reading

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