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L 002

The right arm is stiff and sore but doing much better than expected. But for now the experiment goes on.

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L 001

Surgery went well and I actually have some use of my right hand. But as an experiment I am going to give this left handed drawing a shot. It can’t hurt and could be interesting.

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Forced left

Tomorrow morning at 5:30, I will be having some surgery on my right arm that result in a lack of mobility in my right arm for a short while. So with a pen in my left hand I will start … Continue reading

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Avian Topiary

An unexpected result | I was experimenting with a new background for my website when I created this image. It didn’t meet my original purpose, but I think it turned out to be interesting. (click image to enlarge)

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It looks like that for the time being, the drawings resemble plants and trees. I have discarded several attempts since the last post because knowing I was planning on posting the drawings I tried too hard to be different. I … Continue reading

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Drawing without a preconceived idea is a meditation for me. It puts me in a mental state of tranquility. There is no pressure that the final drawing will result in a work of art. The risk is small because if … Continue reading

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