First post of 2013

Welcome to 2013. Like many of you I have some New Year’s resolutions. One of mine is to create something “art-i-fact” every day. For today I have created a pattern called titled the very imaginative name, Pattern #001-2013.

Art-i-fact #001

I have applied the pattern to a bow tie because I am in need of some new bow ties. I am going to develop some new patterns and then get a few of them printed at Spoonflower and then make my own ties. I have never printed my own fabric before and am excited to see how the process works.


I am not going to worry about naming the pattern today because I want to get an art-i-fact posted and the naming process may prove to be a deterrent for future images. However, if you have any ideas for naming please feel free to leave them in the comments.


Other Versions



If you have used Spoonflower before, let me know what you think.

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