tree001Drawing without a preconceived idea is a meditation for me. It puts me in a mental state of tranquility. There is no pressure that the final drawing will result in a work of art. The risk is small because if it doesn’t work the garbage can is right next to my desk. I enjoy watching the lines build and experiencing the discovery during the process. It is relaxing and satisfying.

Once the drawings are finished I have tried to find value in them and other than the experience, but I can’t. I have thought about selling them but placing a monetary value on bits of paper and lines of ink is a challenge that I have yet to achieve. So for now they are just paper and ink. The drawings are an artifact of a moment of peace, calm and relaxation.

Growing | pen & ink | 1.25 inches wide by 6 inches tall

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2 Responses to Growing

  1. Wow, you have given a profound explanation here. How liberating for those of us to consider drawing this way again. Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed these ink drawings of yours. :)

  2. DMolanphy says:

    I love these line drawings! The second you make these available for sale, let me know – I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for…7 years now? Ugh.

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