Illustration Friday: camouflage

Candy is bound and determined to find out the answer to the mystery. With the help of her camouflage dress and quick thinking she is sure to find the answer. As for the rest of us we will never know because this is an UnBook that will never be at a store near you.

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10 Responses to Illustration Friday: camouflage

  1. Dylan says:

    Yay! Illustration Friday is back on the blog!

  2. Pirusca says:

    It’s lovely

  3. Kactiguy says:

    I posted my IF piece right after you. What are the chances? I like Candy and her unbook. They need to be changed from unbooks to ununbooks.

  4. shon says:

    Yay! Illustration Friday is ba . . . oh, Dylan already said it.

  5. JTart says:

    I’m glad to see another illo Friday piece from you Franson!

  6. mike r baker says:

    Excellent! I love your work. Candy is superb!

  7. Carol H. says:

    I love this illustration! Beautiful clean style and a great idea!

  8. laserone says:

    OH wow, this is really awesome! I love the concept of an “unbook”, never heard of it. :)

  9. Tracy says:

    This is SOOO wonderful! It shouldn’t be an unbook! I really enjoy looking at your work.

  10. Brandon says:

    Pretty Sweet!

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