Illustration Friday: crash

My newest un-book was inspired by my son trying to make a paper airplane. Just when he thought he had the perfect airplane the first test flight resulted in a spectacular crash.

(I actually think he was trying to crash them. He was having a great time and the crashes were always followed by a gleeful giggle.)

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5 Responses to Illustration Friday: crash

  1. ksklein says:

    hey… this is a great idea (and illustration) for the theme crash

  2. ana says:

    I liked the way you worked your interpretation. congratulations!!

  3. the enigma says:

    heh, beautiful un-book cover!

  4. Halloweenville says:

    bery beautiful

  5. tusen says:

    I like the way you combined the impression of swift movement and danger with the calm and delicate colours. Really nice.

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