Illustration Friday: polar

This series of snowmen in different seasons was inspired by my new book, UnBrella. In the book there is a young girl that can control the weather with her “UnBrella“. This allows her to keep snowmen year round. Enjoy and look for UnBrella at a bookstore near you!

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15 Responses to Illustration Friday: polar

  1. Siukwan says:

    I love this 4 seasons series, the tree texture is lovely!!! I really like your style

  2. noz! says:

    the idea of savin´ the snowman the whole year is great! and your style is wonderful … very nice textures and everytime I look at your pics I will find somer more things to dicover!

  3. trudette says:

    Great pictures, I am really impressed by the lovely mix of textures you used.

  4. Damaria Senne says:

    Great pictures.

  5. Kate Cummings says:

    The patterns are lovely. They all look so nicely dimensional. Great work!

  6. zime says:

    Great series!!!
    I like the 3D effect!

  7. studerdoodle says:

    Very cool. Digg the patterning!

  8. Diane Duda says:

    These are gorgeous…and I will be looking for the book. It sounds charming!

  9. studio lolo says:

    Wonderful series of illos! So glad the snowman isn’t melting :)

  10. Jessi Hooker says:

    Great one! I really enjoyed looking at them!

  11. Michelle Lana says:

    love it!

  12. Digital Scott's illustrationblog says:

    Very, very cool.

  13. Anette Heiberg says:

    Hi Scott. These are great! I love the colors.

    Anette Heiberg

  14. atomicvelvetsigh says:

    cool concept! the 4 seasons really did it and you did it well too!

  15. Kathy Weller says:

    Scott, I just happened upon your Un-brella “Trailer”. WOW!!!!!!!! That is fabulolus!!! It’s gorgoeus!!! Did you do that in Flash?? However it was created, congratulations on such a wonderful animation and promotional vehicle for your wonderful book (which I love by the way) :)

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