Illustration Friday: poof!

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12 Responses to Illustration Friday: poof!

  1. Juan says:

    very nice work!

  2. Sean Ashby says:

    That’s pretty funny. Of course, I’m also partial to the scratchboard/woodblock look =)

  3. Laura Zarrin says:

    Oh wow! Now that’s clever. How to recover from this little conundrum, I wonder?

  4. jene says:

    Great solution for the headache!
    (nice illustration)

  5. mitchowl says:

    Very fun, as always. I LOVE the face in the cloud. ha ha ha

  6. Jo1day says:

    I love your take on the topic! I never would have thought of a disappearing head!

  7. INDIGENE says:

    lol! Wonderful style and funny interpretation!

  8. Kristi Valiant says:

    Very funny!

  9. Cris Alhadeff says:

    fantastic poof, scott!
    how much is the magic wand?

  10. EM says:

    This made me LOL!

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