Illustration Friday: sour

This is a spread from a book I am working on called Color Buzz. Delicious color mixing: a tragedy. There just aren’t enough picture books about tragedy.

It is mosquito season in Idaho. I saw my first one last night while enjoying the cool shade. Bummer! I do like cool Idaho evenings.

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9 Responses to Illustration Friday: sour

  1. curlyillustrator says:

    I really like textures, colors and layout of this piece. Your blog is amazing and your story even better. Congratulations on receiving your organs! Best wishes.

  2. Shugar says:

    What cute mozzies! :)

  3. Sean Ashby says:

    Very nice! Checked out your site and I really like your style, too. Congratulations on the book and on a successful transplant. Good news, indeed!

    (My brother-in-law teaches up at BYU-Idaho, too, but I doubt you ever set foot in the biology department!)

  4. RyanLoghry says:

    Very cool illustration, I like the cut out and drop shadow. Nice look and feel.

  5. nessadee says:

    Very nice illustration! Simple and crisp.

  6. Jo1day says:

    I really like how you used the letters along with everything else, and I like the clean lines.

  7. gail says:

    I look at a lemon tree out my studio window everyday. You’ve got the color down perfect! Nice piece.


  8. Dylan says:

    How fun is this?

  9. mitchowl says:

    Good stuff, as always.

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