Illustration Friday: twist

Have you ever noticed that it is always the pickle jar lid that gets stuck? There is a reason! Don’t Twist is a book about the evils of pickles. I hate pickles to put it mildly. I would love to tell you about the new book but I am good at following directions and have no plans to “twist”. This UnBook will never be at a bookstore near you.

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10 Responses to Illustration Friday: twist

  1. Tina Vaziri says:

    Great cover! Love the textured paper on the pickles!

  2. ksklein says:


  3. Ursula Shaw says:

    This is great. Love the pickles!

  4. Ginger*:)* says:

    Love this one!

  5. Dylan says:

    Is that real cut paper or just some wicked Photoshop Fu? Either way, I love this one. Well played, sir. Well played.

  6. scott e says:

    Photoshop Fu.

  7. roz says:

    Scott, I’m a big fan of your “un books” and this takes the cake…or should I say “pickle”?
    Love the texture of the pickles!

  8. Dylan says:

    Truly you are the Master. I bow to you, Franson-san.

  9. HildaRose says:

    Thank you, I find your un’s so inspirational. I often go to your site to remind me that vectors can produce brilliance, it is all in the concept and the color and the shadow…

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