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This was the perfect word for me tonight. I have been trying to get a creative project going but keep getting interrupted by the challenges that life dishes out. Now every time I start I want to see the success right away and am a bit frustrated that it isn’t prefect.

I was reminded of a drawing assignment that many of you may have done in class where you draw without looking at your paper. The whole joy of the assignment is in fact they are inaccurate. I did add a small twist on the assignment so that I couldn’t cheat. I created a new photoshop file with a white background then added a new blank layer above it. Then I did the drawing in white. That way I couldn’t see the previous drawing. Upon completing the drawing I locked the transparent pixels and added a darker value so that the image showed up.

It took a few minutes and gave me permission not to be perfect.

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  1. julie crews says:

    Imperfect self-portraits are always the most accurate.

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