iPad and books

The iPad arrived two days ago and I have been exploring what is available. I was very excited to see the iPad version of Alice in Wonderland. Now that I have seen it I think it was a fun gimmick but the motion and interaction had little to do with moving the story forward.

I also checked out some of the Childrens books for iBook and again I was not impressed. The images are beautiful on the iPad screen and there is some novelty of turning the electronic pages, but it soon gets old.

I have however, enjoyed using the iBook reader. I am currently reading Thomas Pain’s Common Sense. I really like that the text can be selected and highlighted. I started reading it on a whim and have found it to be a very interesting read.

So far I have no complaints about the iPad. It really is fun to hold and use. It does take a bit of getting use to. It is such a pleasure to explore what it can do.

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