Life in Lyman: Eden

I think we live in the children’s Garden of Eden. Every day there is something new to discover and scare your little sister with. My oldest daughter caught a snake today. It spent a half an hour in a jar and produced a satisfying scream from her little sister. There is a little bit of evil in that smile.

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2 Responses to Life in Lyman: Eden

  1. crazy lady says:

    Ahh the snake adventures. I remember coiling up a dead one at the foot of my brothers stairs(evil smile included). It faded when the brothers casually mentioned that "sometime" someone might encounter a snake in their bed. I slept in a coiled up ball for years afraid to put my feet to the bottom of the bed. He who laughs last…

  2. scott e says:

    Crazy, I know that you have a family reunion coming up this summer. Your brothers would never guess it was you, because there will be teenagers at the party [evil:)]

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