Life in Lyman: Lost & Found

We just stopped at my parents for a minute to pick up 2 children. Surely Pria would be OK in the front yard. As we planned to leave we called for her and she didn’t come. Then we heard the fireworks from down the street. She hates fireworks. We looked and called and looked and called the police and looked until dark. It was no use, she could be anywhere and fireworks were going off all over town.

Pria likes Brenda the best and so Brenda was missing Pria the most. It was a tough night. I made a lost dog poster and first thing in the morning we went to the store and made copies. We hung up a copy of the poster in the store and went to my parents home to pick up the children so they could help hang up posters. I began trimming a small version of the poster to hand out at the fourth of July parade if necessary. As I trimmed away there was a joyful scream “Pria! Here girl. Here girl. I found her!” yelled my son. Pria had returned a bit damp but in one piece. The relief cheered everyone up and I discovered something about myself. I make good Lost Dog posters.

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3 Responses to Life in Lyman: Lost & Found

  1. crazy lady says:

    Call me old fashioned. I love a happy ending. I bet you made some delightful posters. That's probably why she came back. (If you hadn't made the posters…well, best not think about that . :0)

  2. mitchowl says:

    Yes you do.

  3. Tracy says:

    Good ending to your story :) Love the Lost & Found poster…she's beautiful!

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