Life in Lyman | Stripie’s Stash

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4 Responses to Life in Lyman | Stripie’s Stash

  1. cerese says:

    Hey is Stripie one of the mini chickens?

    Just in time for Easter.

    You know I love those eggs!

  2. scott e says:

    She is one of the mini chickens. Her eggs are about the size of a ping pong ball.

  3. celiac says:

    Ahhh bite sized eggs.

    If they make it those will be some tiny chicks! How cute.

    But wait.. is it a full sized dad? hmmm.

    Just thinking. (:

    Love the image, by the way.

  4. Karen says:

    Ahh..setting hens. Brings back memories of trying to collect eggs on the ranch. NOT my favorite thing to do. Those beady side looking eyes and sharp beaks ready to strike. Ok. I was traumatized, ( a wuss)I admit it.
    Hope you get plenty of mini chicks and not one peck or traumatized child.
    Super illustration as always!

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