Life in Lyman: Whiteout

It rained, it poured and I found out that goats can scream. I thought that they usually made a fair amount of noise but they can make more. I was in the house and heard them. Whiteout was on a leash that just let him put his head under some play equipment. So I went out and made each of them a shelter just in time for the rain to stop. At this point we were all wet and quiet. I decided to show the quiet Whiteout in his wet coat instead of the screaming Whiteout because it might make some people afraid of goats. Goats really are very nice people.

Whiteout is a LaMancha/Nigerian Dwarf cross and yes, his ears are really that small.
To make this fit for A goat craving sunshine.
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10 Responses to Life in Lyman: Whiteout

  1. Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

    Very nice! A really great idea.

  2. uglymuffin says:

    Poor poor Whiteout. I'm betting he wishes he could, wait for it, white out that night! Am I right?…It's not as funny on screen as it was in my head…Well, keep up the great work and when's your next book coming out?

  3. Vanessa Brantley Newton says:

    This is such a wonderful illustration! Very nicely done!

  4. tusen says:

    oh, poor Whiteout, he looks so miserable in the rain. I love the way you presented him – his expression and pose are brilliant.

  5. mitchowl says:

    poor thing. You're probably his hero now. You men got to stick together.

  6. Peter Breese says:

    Nice work and story!

  7. Nicole says:

    I like your style very much! Your goat is adorable, I like goats because I am a goat craving sunshine…

  8. eyecontact says:

    I love goats. I love your illo of this little guy. Aw…really nice subject and cool work.

  9. mariapauladufour says:

    Hi Scott!
    I love this!

  10. ArtSparker says:

    Lovely little character, sorry to hear about the trauma.

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