Mice Can Fly

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7 Responses to Mice Can Fly

  1. Karen says:

    Oh man! You made me laugh so hard! We were stalking a mouse last night. But, without gloves and ours was apparently in between the walls.

  2. Jan says:

    Your words have painted a fantastic scene in my head! Very funny! I really love your stamp illustration and your site is brilliant. Thanks for sharing – I shall be visiting you again soon!

  3. nina seven says:

    very funny story and a great little illo to go with it!

  4. DMolanphy says:

    Ha! Love it. I have to say though, the second a mouse runs across my chest, i’d be screaming like a little girl. I’m impressed you kept your composure.

  5. Anne J says:

    You captured the moment beautifully.
    Please don’t keep us waiting for the sequel when the little air cadet returns, perhaps with a friend.

    Pleasant dreams,

  6. Thank goodness for those gloves… they came in handy in a number of ways!
    Your story is delightful and the image fits perfectly!!

  7. Oh i love it. So funny and a gorgeous illustration. Super nice!

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