One step closer

I received a nice rejection from a literary agent this morning. I am disappointed but I guess that it is one rejection closer to getting an agent or selling the next book. I have about five books going right now with one that I am attached to.

There are moments where the story moves forward and I am convinced that this is it. But sometimes the advancements are dead end roads that lead the story away from its core idea and it becomes necessary to back up. I was hopeful that this last version was the right balance. Back to the drawing board.

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3 Responses to One step closer

  1. Jared Bishop says:

    I’m glad you’ve got a positive outlook in things. Is it typical to receive any feedback from agents?

  2. scott e says:

    I have sent work to two different agents. They have both responded. I don’t know if this is “typical” but I am assuming that because I met them both at writing and illustrating conferences they are more likely to reply.

  3. celiac says:

    I’m told rejection is good for the ego… but if you don’t have much of one…???

    You have the right attitude though. One step closer to the ONE!

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