Digital Painting experiment


Aboriginal Pointillism | I don’t know where this will go but it is really fun to do. Let me know if you like it.

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A-doodle-a-day (#111)


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A-doodle-a-day (#110)


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Module 003


Module 003 | It takes 12 modules to make a sphere. The sphere is very light and is about the size of a softball. The module has 5 arms. I created one arm and then rotated it 72° around a center point to create the module shown below.


Module 003 | All 12 modules are cut from one letter size (text weight) piece of paper. The hooks are too little small. I need to make them larger next time.

note | I am beginning this exploration building with modules. If you have some interest in the subject, please contact me and share what you are doing.

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Module | 002


Module 002 | This is a variation of module 001 with a leaf shape cut out of the center of the module. The image above shows the top view.


Module 002


M002 | Vase


Bottom Closed | I left the vase in the living room over night and when I saw it in the morning my daughter had made a new variation by closing the vase and turning it over.

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Paper Module | 001


Module 001 | I have made paper spheres using square modules, but I wondered what would happen if the modules were rectangular. I was able to make a sphere with a rectangular module as shown in the image above. It takes 30 modules to create a sphere as shown above.


Module 01 | the proportion of a small playing card (1.25 in x 1.75 inches).

What if? | This is my favorite question and so I began building with the modules to see what else besides a sphere could be created and came up with a paper vase.


M001 | Side View


M001 | Top View

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Wood Block Painting


Updated version of my modular wood-block-painting in the BYU-Idaho Faculty Art Show in the Spori Gallery.

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