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Life in Lyman: Going Postal

What was the postman thinking when he post marked this? Postal and pretty uptight that someone might try to use a lightly post marked stamp. It should be obvious that there was postage on this. I can’t believe they would send it back for more.

I have run out of stamps and won’t be able to get to the post office for a few days and didn’t want anyone to worry. Life in Lyman, is pretty good right now and I am going to enjoy some time with my family outside of Lyman for a few days.
I think I need to give our local postman a chance to cool down.
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Life in Lyman: Toothless Fairy

Tooth number three came out yesterday morning. She is so excited about loosing teeth that she really worked on this one and it still had a pretty good root attached.

Now, you know the drill. Under the pillow, money in the morning. But the tooth fairy didn’t come. Shame on the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy’s spouse must have been out of town visiting family. That is the only explanation for a botched tooth heist.
” My tooth is still under my pillow! The tooth fairy didn’t come. Oh well,” said my Toothless Fairy with a smile. “Maybe the tooth fairy will come tonight.”
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Life in Lyman: Eden

I think we live in the children’s Garden of Eden. Every day there is something new to discover and scare your little sister with. My oldest daughter caught a snake today. It spent a half an hour in a jar and produced a satisfying scream from her little sister. There is a little bit of evil in that smile.

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Life in Lyman: Fish Farming

Brenda was talking to the neighbor and he mentioned that he was stocking his pond (aka gravel pit) with fish and wondered if she wanted to buy some fish and fish food. And just like that, we are fish farmers.

I have known about our new farming venture for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t too surprised or even very interested. I really am a city boy who likes a little more space. So becoming a farmer isn’t high on my list of dreams. A dog, 10 chickens, 3 goats, and now 25ish fish.

Last night we stopped by to feed the fish and it was really cool. The best part is when it comes time to eat them, none of them will have names.
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Life in Lyman: Click-ity-Click-ity-Click-ity

We have great new neighbor. They moved in almost a year ago and remodeled an old shop into a dance studio and started teaching clogging lessons. It has been wonderful for all of the children. A big concert was the grand finale for the dance season. All of the children did a wonderful job. My oldest daughter received an award for The Most Improved clogger of the season. When she dances you can tell she is having a great time, the wide smile on her face never fades.

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Life in Lyman: Time Flies

Time flies, but should it? I guess that it depends on if it is made of gold , is connected to a chain and is flying around your head. SMACK! right in the middle of her forehead. She didn’t cry as the bump grew but her entire face silently said out loud, “That was pretty stupid, huh.”

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Life in Lyman: Whiteout

It rained, it poured and I found out that goats can scream. I thought that they usually made a fair amount of noise but they can make more. I was in the house and heard them. Whiteout was on a leash that just let him put his head under some play equipment. So I went out and made each of them a shelter just in time for the rain to stop. At this point we were all wet and quiet. I decided to show the quiet Whiteout in his wet coat instead of the screaming Whiteout because it might make some people afraid of goats. Goats really are very nice people.

Whiteout is a LaMancha/Nigerian Dwarf cross and yes, his ears are really that small.
To make this fit for A goat craving sunshine.
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