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I did it!

I sent the package. (You have no idea how hard that is for me.)

Here is my one sentence sales pitch.
A slurping good time featuring delicious color mixing and a tragic ending.

I hope that this isn’t an Un-Book and that it will be at all fine bookstores near you.

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Illustration Friday: gravity

What if? These are the questions that all children ask and want to know the answers to. This Un-Book explores “What if” questions about gravity.

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Illustration Friday: Help

This frog doesn’t need any help. In fact, help could be deadly. This new unbook will never be at a bookstore near you.

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Illustration Friday: Mask

I Would Rather Be a Weed! is the newest unbook not by Scott E Franson. It will never be at a bookstore near you. I hope this image brings back good memories of Elementary School Theatrical productions.

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Illustration Friday: smoke

Smoke: Feline P.I.

When you just need to know, Smoke the Feline P.I., is the cat for the job. This is an UnBook not written by Scott E Franson. But you never know, one day when you least expect it at your local bookstore—Smoke, will be there.

UnBooks are a creative exersize for me. Each Friday morning I wake up and go to to see what the new word is. Then over the course of the day I develop a book cover, usually for a children’s picture book, with an occasional novel. It is a nice opportunity to experiment and have fun. Before this morning, I had never met Smoke, the Feline P.I., and now I have a new character that can begin to inhabit my stories. I kind of like this cat. He is here for me whenever I need some company, and he doesn’t eat.

I have enjoyed creating this image. I hope that you enjoy it!

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Illustration Friday: wind2

Wind: The Plight of an Under Wound, Over Weight, Boy Robot.

Boy Robot lives in a world where the robots rely on each other to be wound. He has come to the point in his life where fewer and fewer of the other robots offer a free wind. The lack of winding has caused a lack of energy and an increasing problem with his weight. What will Boy Robot do to solve his problem? The world may never know because this is the newest unBook that will never be at a bookstore near you, and is not by Scott E Franson:)

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Illustration Friday: wind

This weeks UnBook is not a novel about the challenges of fighting forest fires in the western United States with an unforgiving wind.

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