Painting No.012511

I made some textures using block printing ink and a roller. I prepared the ink as I would for block printing and just rolled it onto paper instead of the block and then scanned the paper. I am excited to experiment with this process. I really like how it looks at the bottom of the image.


Original texture: Silver printing ink on 8.5 x 11 white typing paper. I used silver ink because I didn’t have black.

Duplicate the layer and offset: Select the layer and duplicate. With the new layer selected from the menu bar: Filter > Other > Offset. This process will make a seamlessly tiled texture.

Repeat this process until there is an even ink coverage. I flipped some of the layers horizontally or vertically for variety. Edit > Transform > Filp Horizontally

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  1. I really love this print/drawing, your technique as always is simple but produces awesome results. May have to steal for my own digital painting course.

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