Paper as Structure | I am fascinated with pager as a building material. The following is a list of books and other resources that I have found useful in my experiments.


Paul Jackson has a series of great books about folding and using paper.  I find them all interesting in their own way. My favorite thing about his books is that they teach fundamental principles and encourage experimentation.

Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form | Is my favorite book about folding paper at the moment. If you follow my advice and get this book, read and complete all of the introductory chapters. Mr. Jackson does a superb job laying the foundation.

Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3D Forms | This is a must have book for package design students that don’t want to be limited to a template. Great instruction to make unique custom package structures.

Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs | I am working with this book. It looks great.

Cut & Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials | Some novel fun ideas for promotion structures.

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