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Picture Book Basics pdf
Have you ever wanted to write or illustrate a picture book but didn’t know where to start? This collection of pdf files can help you learn the basic structure of a picture book.

Picture Book Basics pdf | Click the link to download. (To get it for free put $0 in the amount). The pdf file has basic information about the physical structure of a children’s picture book and several storyboard template worksheets that you can use in creating your own books.

Picture Book Anatomy | is an introduction to the parts of a book.
Picture Book Anatomy

Picture Book Anatomy

Most Picture books are 32 pages long. They start on a right hand page and end on a left hand page

Picture Book Template: tall | A 32 page + end paper picture book template in a tall format.
Picture Book Basics2

32 page tall | Picture Book Storyboard template

Picture Book Template: wide | A 32 page + end paper picture book template in a wide format.
Picture Book Basics3

32 page wide | Picture Book Storyboard template

Picture Book Template: square | A 32 page + end paper picture book template in a square format.
Picture Book Basics4

32 page square | Picture Book Storyboard template

I hope that these templates help you in writing and visualizing your picture book. Please let me know if there are any other templates that would be useful for you and I will try to add them to the Picture Book Template collection.

Using a storyboard helps visually plan the arc of your story. It is useful for planning the visuals of a story but can also be used to break up the text if you are writing for picture books. Publishing for Children 101 | What is a Storyboard?

13 Responses to Picture book layout templates

  1. Thank you so much for uploading the templates they are very helpful.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing the picture book template! Very helpful.

  3. You are awesome!
    I have been sitting here trying to make a storyboard layout in Illustrator and figure out the 32 pages when I found your site. Thanks so much for sharing this! An act of generosity!

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Just used it to create my first storyboard.

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  6. Tre Hollo says:

    I can click on the links and view them, but how do I download them so I can include text within the format?

  7. Tre Hollo says:

    Thanks for providing these templates!

  8. Rhea says:

    I like your site but I’m looking for animation pictures to put to my children books I’m writing, like grass, snow, trees, animals, water ect. can you please help me with this? Thank you

  9. Kristine says:

    Thank you! – Very Helpful!

  10. Scott! I am so glad I found your site. I used to attend BYU Idaho when it was Ricks and you came on board. I was actually classmates with your sister. I love your templates and plan to use them! It is just like you to be so generous and supportive of other artists. Glad I found you.

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