The Great Recovery

I watched the introduction to the Great Recovery last night from Dave Ramsey. He suggests that we need to live with hope in Jesus Christ and with that hope begin our nations economic recovery in our own homes.

I choose to become a part of The Great Recovery and am committed to keeping my house in spiritual and financial order.

The government will not fix the economy until the people of this country take personal responsibility for their small part. Please help our country return to spiritual and economic health.
Start by watching Dave Ramsey’s kickoff event.

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2 Responses to The Great Recovery

  1. julie crews says:

    Dave Ramsey, or rather his ideas and teachings, pretty much saved my marriage 8 years ago. If not anything else, Niel and I learned how to communicate with each other about money and that we needed to get real about our financial fitness.

    • scott e says:

      His ideas are great and have made an impact on our marriage as well. Just imagine if families in the country took the time to learn how to handle money and talk about it. It really could make a difference in each home and eventually our country.

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