Tutorial | Basic Color Harmony

Harmony in a Color Pallet from Scott Franson on Vimeo.

This Tutorial shows one way to use Adobe Photoshop to create color harmony. Mixing a bit of one color into the other colors in your pallet will give the colors a family resemblance. (A pressure sensitive tablet required)

  1. Change the background color swatch to the color you want in common
  2. Select the brush tool.
  3. Open the Brush window.
  4. Select Color Dynamics > Foreground/Background jitter > Pen Pressure (this setting requires a pressure sensitive tablet. I use Wacom tablets.)
  5. Choose a color and begin to paint varying the pressure.
  6. Choose a new color and repeat as desired.

The result is a series of colors that are harmonized with the addition of a common color to achieve a family resemblance.

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2 Responses to Tutorial | Basic Color Harmony

  1. So smart! Great tip – looking forward to more. Just the right length too.

  2. Mark Parson says:

    ooo nice! Now I want to go back and look at previous color harmonies I’ve done and see how a common mix-in helps them.

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