You are needed and make a difference!

This past weekend our family experienced a great tragedy. Our sixth grade science teacher passed away in an accident. I have heard about Mr. McCullaugh over and over again since he first began teaching at our middle school. Our oldest daughter was in his class his first year teaching. His experiments and demonstrations were legendary and we would hear about his class nearly every day.

Our next two children had the opportunity to be in his class as well. So for the last 4 years we have had Mr. McCullaugh as a part of our family. He engaged my children in learning and they loved him for it.

We received a call Sunday afternoon that he passed away and that his viewing was that evening. His family was so gracious to our three children and his wife treated them with respect as she told them that he loved his students.

I wish he were still with us and I wish our teachers knew how much impact they have on our children. He was a great man among so many that give so much to teach our children.

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  1. lucie1067 says:

    That is sad.

    But what a gift he gave to your children by being a teacher worth remembering.

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