Another day

Another day as come and I am back in the studio. I sit here perplexed and wondering what is the best next step to make. I recently received another rejection on my new book concept and the reasons were the same. The big comment is that the story seems “too light”. So now I am back to the drawing board and it is challenging. I need to find the energy to get another project going. If I choose not to face the challenge today, It will be harder to face tomorrow. So with some hope that today I find a path worth exploring and some fear that I will find another dead end, I start another day.

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One Response to Another day

  1. Brad says:

    Good luck. Perhaps you might try taking a completely absurd idea and just sticking it in the middle of your rejected manuscript. A cheery little “light” story with a sudden monumental shift could take it in a direction you never thought of, even if the result is a little darker.

    Look at Lemony Snickett – the more morbid those books get, the more kids seem to eat it up.

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