Rigby Library

The Friends of the Rigby Library | Last night I had the honor to be a guest of The Friends of the Rigby Library in Rigby, Idaho. I gave a presentation to children and their parents about Un-Brella. I shared my book with them and gave a very brief digital illustration project with them.

Digital sugar cookie | I decorated a digital sugar cookie. One of the best things about digital sugar cookies is that they are naturally fat free. Here is the finished cookie. my favorite part of the presentation was when I invited my daughter to come up at the end and take bites out of the cookie.

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2 Responses to Rigby Library

  1. Andrea says:

    sounds like it was a fun children’s project/presentation idea to introduce what computers can do.

  2. celiac says:

    That is a cookie I could actually enjoy for a change!

    I want a bite.


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