Duck Pond: The Ballet

School productions are always fun. Here is a kindergarten production of Duck Pond: The Ballet. That’s my girl! The one in the middle! The one missing her bottom two teeth!

I have been working on creating digital felt textures and embroidery. The image started as a parade of bird hats for but I didn’t finish in time.

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8 Responses to Duck Pond: The Ballet

  1. tusen says:

    so good to see you again. Kindergarten productions are sometimes so funny, but so touching too.
    The girls are lovely and the bird hats are so elegant – I love their shapes.

  2. mitchowl says:

    You are good. Go celebrate this grand piece of artwork with a bowl of ice cream.

  3. Kactiguy says:


  4. fat celiac says:

    That DOES look like Charlotte!
    How are you doing the felt textures and embroidery? Scanning or yet another photoshop invention of yours?

    I’m soo happy to see you on here!

  5. scott e says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. The felt texture is generated digitally so that I can get whatever color of felt I want. The embroidery is also digital. I need to look at other stitches and see if I can recreate them.

  6. Tracy says:

    Adorable, Scott! :) Have you checked out Roz Fulcher’s website? She uses her own technique to create digital felt…very effective! Would love to be as talented as you guys :)

  7. scott e says:

    Yes! I know Roz’s work. Isn’t it amazing. I have been watching it for quite a while now.

  8. Sherry Rogers says:

    Scott this is truly wonderful. . .truly! They are so cute!

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