From the archieves: Accessories

This image was originally produced for a print exchange in the late 90s.

National Geographic

I can remember as a kid how fascinated I was with the gold rings and the long necks of the women from a tribe in Africa. “Why would they do that?” I wondered to myself. Yet I was still amazed as I looked through National Geographic. Then one day I realized that culturally the western world has some traditions for which the same question could be asked. Why would anyone wear a tie? And pocket protectors? Come to think I haven’t seen a pocket protector in quite a while.

Late night television

If you are old enough to remember Ted Koppel from Nightline (maybe he is still on the air, I haven’t watched TV in a long time), I used his hair as inspiration for the guy in the tie

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  1. celiac says:

    ooo, I didn’t know the TEd Koppel bit.

    I’m lucky enough to have one of those prints though!

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