Illustration Friday: 80s

School Bus: Memoir of a Bus Driver.

. . . 89 Bottles of beer on the wall!! 89 bottles of beer . . .

The field trip has just begun and the students are only in the 80s. What will the bus driver do? How will he survive? The world may never know, because this is the newest Un-Book from Scott E Franson.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to Illustration Friday: 80s

  1. Katsta says:

    heheh, great illo! reminds me of elementary school..!!

  2. Dylan says:

    Just thought I should warn you, I’m ripping off your UnBook idea for use on my blog. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that. Also, I love the look of quiet desperation on the bus driver’s face, like at any moment he could jerk the wheel into oncoming traffic. Well done, sir. Well done.

  3. Alina Chau says:

    what a lovely wonderful illo!! Great style!

  4. Lu*** says:

    very good illo! great job!

  5. Manelle says:

    Tell you Digital Illustration class I am so jealous I am not in that class too. That really was one of my favorite classes. I think that everyone submitting their wednesday assignment for IF is a great idea. I am excited to see them through out the semester.

  6. tusen says:

    I love your unbooks (but you already know it)
    We didn’t really have school buses as such when I was at primary school but your illustration could well be about our school trips. Poor drivers!
    I love the texture of your driver’s sweater.

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