Illustration Friday: buzz

Buzz is the newest un-book.

I had fun making this image. I am always struggling to keep emotion in my images because of the style. I hope that you like this new character, even if you hate mosquitos.

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17 Responses to Illustration Friday: buzz

  1. JO says:

    Great character, love the loose style.

  2. pjb says:

    It LOOKS like you had fun drawing this! Nice and loose compared with the tighter work. And a nice contrast to all the buzzzzing bees!

  3. dizzyjadey says:

    Very expressive style & nice illo!

  4. Doug says:

    Scott, nice work!

    …and I have learned some new photoshop tricks from your other posts… thanks, and keep it up!

  5. Brine Blank says:

    You have captured the pure evil essence of the mosquito…well done…

  6. Theresa S. says:

    great buzz illustration. boy I hate mosquitoes!!! but yours is rather cute anyway. :)


  7. the enigma says:

    you certainly know how to make a good book cover, even if the subject is as simple as this. maybe the most important thing is (like u said) to put the emotion and character in it. great job!

  8. Nicole says:

    It’s funny!
    Congratulations for your first book!

  9. Michelle Lana says:

    very nice!

  10. denise says:

    Love the style of this. He looks so angry :)

  11. gail says:

    Great line work! Annoying little fellow, isn’t he?


  12. Erika Ariente says:

    haha i like the simple style ;)

  13. Bill Zeman says:

    this is terrific! it would be a great book cover!

  14. Ariel says:

    Gotta love the loose line mosquitos..


  15. tusen says:

    oh, he (I’m sure it’s a he ;)) is great! This style really suits a mosquito – I mean the way you sketched the wings brings to mind the thin annoying buzzing

  16. Pati @-;-- says:

    I hate mosquitos, but I love ur character ;)

  17. KittyMeow says:

    Awesome mosquito…Very menacing!

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