Illustration Friday: gravity

What if? These are the questions that all children ask and want to know the answers to. This Un-Book explores “What if” questions about gravity.

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7 Responses to Illustration Friday: gravity

  1. Michelle Lana says:

    Cool one!

  2. Halloweenville says:

    very very awesome!!

  3. Fonda says:

    That’s really funny. I like it!

  4. Diane Duda says:

    very nice!!! great colors!

  5. Ginger*:)* says:

    Scott, this has such beauty. There is almost a sense of time in suspension as we wait for that beautiful apple to make it’s way to the ground. Your illustration gives the feeling of clam….. and gravity in very slow motion. Just beautiful!

  6. Erika Ariente says:

    great concept and very beautiful!

  7. tinklemeyer says:

    Another great one. How did you do the shadow on the apple like that?

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