Illustration Friday: Run

RUN is the gripping story of a rhino named Rhina and her first sleepover. It will never be at a bookstore near you and was not written by Scott E Franson

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9 Responses to Illustration Friday: Run

  1. Michelle Lana says:

    Cute :)

  2. Digital Scott's illustrationblog says:

    I like your illustration. Great colors, great patterns, and a fun sense of humor!

  3. murphy girl says:

    so great, love your take on the subject

  4. mrs. b. says:

    so clever and well done!

  5. stacey m says:

    haha, great take on the subject!

  6. Jana Bouc says:

    Wonderful illo! Such a funny and creative take on the topic. I love your sense of humor!

  7. Alina Chau says:

    Love the style!! Beautiful!

  8. Jeff says:

    Bro Fran! Just happen to find you here in the IF submissions. You probably don’t remember me, but I’m back from the class of 96. I’ve been enjoying your blog and illustrations!

  9. tekentijger says:

    aaaaww, why not???
    Please write that book, I think it will be fun!

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