Illustration Friday: Safe (again)

SAFE—As before this book is not available and was not written by Scott E Franson. What is different about this new book is that it happened by accident as I was working on a different project. It is also based on a serious theme.

When we go to school, what do we do to feel safe? We fit in. Then we feel safe. If we don’t stand out we won’t have problems. But safe is not as it would appear because “the group” is always willing to sacrifice someone so that the group can continue to live. Students in every school are being sacrificed so that the group can live on. The individuals in a group mentality would say, “If there is someone else to pick on then it won’t be me.”

I just wish that we would allow each person to be an individual and that the idea of success meant being the best you can be and not that I have more than someone else. Couldn’t we all be just a little more kind and tolerant.

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8 Responses to Illustration Friday: Safe (again)

  1. tekentijger says:

    hear hear !!

  2. Michelle Lana says:

    nice! love it.

  3. Joanne says:

    Very nice. I just love how it is laid out. And the colors.

  4. the enigma says:

    very much agree. if that is a book cover, i would buy it. so lovely. i judge a book by its cover. ha-ha.

  5. bill zeman says:

    well done – those anemone tendrils are especially nice

  6. Kactiguy says:

    Now you’re not doing novels too. Is there anything you can can’t do? I wish these were real.

  7. Digital Scott's illustrationblog says:

    Your illustration is really great. Nice colors, great composition. And your words are really important. Those who are sacrificed…what a terrible waste. And what an awful comment on humanity. Sad, but true.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you are interested in that theme you might like the book “Inventing Elliot”

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