Illustration Friday: Scale

Scale is the smallest dragon in the world. His favorite thing to eat is dandelion blossoms. Life as Scale knows it is about to change. One of his scales can bring wealth beyond dreams to the one who possesses it. Scale is helped by some new friends along the way. The end as you know will never be reveled because this is an UnBook by Scott E. Franson.

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9 Responses to Illustration Friday: Scale

  1. Brine Blank says:

    Really like the typography…and the way you avoided the lawsuit of the rainbow fish guy…

  2. Dylan says:

    That is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want one of those tiny dragons for a pet. We could fight crime or something. Or eat Chee-tos and watch Battlestar Galactica together.

  3. Manelle says:

    I like it!
    Why you ask?
    Well I think one of my favorite things is the color contrast. that makes the dragon stand out, and the flower after that.
    I like the play on words too.

  4. Alicia Padrón says:

    Awww I love this!! I want to take scale home with me and him dandelion blossoms everyday :o) This is wonderful!

  5. Digital Scott's illustrationblog says:

    Well done! A great idea, done well. Love the extra bit of lightness by the flower.

  6. ErinSherman says:

    Always love your unbooks, scott.
    This one has especially good design.

  7. sheree says:

    he’s so cute! i like his wings

  8. Cheryl says:

    I always get a kick out of your unbooks. This one is no different.

  9. Anonymous says:

    great unbook……again. Smart and Cute!!!

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