Illustration Friday | Trail

A summer trail through a winter world is made possible by an Un-brella.

This is a spread from my picture book Un-brella. It seemed like a perfect choice for this weeks word, “trail.”

Can you see the trail the rabbit followed?

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7 Responses to Illustration Friday | Trail

  1. Such a pretty piece you created, great spin on this week’s challenge!

  2. tusen says:

    This is so great :) I’m so happy I have your book with all the un-brella illustrations.

    • scott e says:

      Tusen, Thank you for the comment, It is always a pleasure to have a comment from you.

  3. Emily Davis says:

    Very nice application! It looks like so much work! I’ve been doing vector a lot lately and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I used my notes from your snowflake day! YAY EMILY!

  4. Doug says:

    really nice illo scott!

  5. Emily Davis says:

    The “real world” isn’t so bad! I am in the beginning stages of setting up with a rep and doing an illustration-a-day to get some more portfolio pieces. Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

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