Life in Lyman: e-i-e-i-o

My wife Brenda has a farm
On her farm she has 10 chickens
One dog here and one goat there 

here a goat there a goat 

everywhere a drop of goat
My wife Brenda has a farm
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7 Responses to Life in Lyman: e-i-e-i-o

  1. crazy lady says:

    A drop of goat indeed. And I’m guessing there are few chicken drops as well. I love, love love all the new illustrations and the felt postage stamp style. You ARE amazing!

  2. mitchowl says:

    ha ha…I LOVE all the little touches. Like the bleating goats tongue.

  3. fat celiac says:

    I’m with mitchowl, love the goat tongue.

    Does Brenda really HAVE a pitchfork though?

  4. scott e says:

    She does not have a pitch fork or overalls, but the pink hat is accurate.

  5. Brenda B says:

    I so need a pitchfork.

  6. fat celiac says:

    I would venture that BOTH a pitchfork and overalls are in order.

  7. Brenda B says:

    Instead of bib overalls I want brown/orange coveralls for the brutal winters. My birthday is in September…… hint, hint…….. Also, I would like some flowers even if they are from the grocery store counter in cellophane……….. and some chocolate…….. lots of chocolate, actually…. oh, and a rabbit, male preferably…..

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