Life in Lyman: Kids

Goats can climb trees. I’ve heard about it, but now I’ve seen it. It makes sense, they climb mountains. Well, goats also like more than anything else, the one thing that is just out of reach. They climb and strain and struggle when right around them is all they could ever want. I guess there is a good reason baby goats are called kids.

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4 Responses to Life in Lyman: Kids

  1. mitchowl says:


  2. fat celiac says:

    Was she tied?

    I was envisioning the ensuing goat hanging. eeek!

  3. scott e says:

    We have stopped tying them because they are too good at getting tangled up. We have a moveable pen that we put around the tree. They seem to like it better.

  4. fat celiac says:

    Whew! who knew?

    Would that movable pen be a goat tractor? (:

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