The Marvelous Mr. Mud

The Marvelous Mr. Mud is the story of dirt, water and children. I love a good mud-day and so does Mr, Mud. He plays along with the kids in this UnBook by Scott E Franson that will never be published and will never be available at a bookstore near you.

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2 Responses to The Marvelous Mr. Mud

  1. I love the use of positive and negative space and how you manage to make such an expressive character with only a solid shape.

  2. Kari Rich says:

    I met you a couple of years ago at at BYU conference, just as your book was about to be published. I LOVE your book and my kids do too. I am a freelance graphic designer, but I admit, after looking at your work, I can see my skills are sorely novice. While I would love to take a class from you, I live in Cache Valley and my young dependents would probably miss me if I left them for a semester. Do you do any summer workshops or anything? What programs do you use. I have Photoshop and Freehand, but I know I’m not using them to their capabilities. Anyway, I’m a fan.

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